It doesn't require registration. Steller criticizes Gov. In response to a potential ban on TikTok, Triller has introduced a one-step portal, Arizona Opinion: EPAs new water rule creates unnecessary uncertainty for Arizona farmers and ranchers, Tucson Speaks Out: May 1 letters of the day, Local Opinion: Tourism powers Arizonas economy. Respond: Write a letter to the editor | Write a guest opinion. All rights reserved. Why is Phoenix homelessness among the nation's worst? Enter the email address associated with your subscription and choose a password. Now we carry masks and wear them whenever we stop for a rest. * Body (~150 words, 170 words maximum allowed to incorporate your expertise or special interest in the subject). Plus he loves Tucson and the desert! Teachers are important, they help our children to be self-reliant. The Arizona Republic. Some content is designated for subscribers only. If you're planning to get a massage you may be wondering if you should take it all off or leave some clothes on. The abortion pill is safe and effective. Tim Steller just cannot seem to get his arch nemesis, former President Donald Trump, off his brain. What were the community conditions that constituted the need for their SCORPION unit? All with little or no Republican support. May 27, 2022. Thus far, over 15,300 migrants have been released from CBP custody without being issued the usual formal Notice to Appear in immigration court, just a promise to contact ICE later. And th, This morning there was news of a burning BNSF train in Minnesota bringing back memories of the 1973 Kingman explosion. Please allow 2-3 weeks for our systems to update your request. Fifty years ago, in 1973, I was about to graduate from NAU. He, Friends of Dry Lake and I were active in the successful community efforts to save the Dry Lake R, Take a look, its a pale blue dot. We didnt elect our legislators to micromanage the schools. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Now, liberal academics nationwide are joining the effort to protect free speech on campus. Include aone-sentence biography and a photo of yourself, along with an email address or Twitter handle that can be published with your piece. Thats here, thats home, thats us. P.O. Its an issue thats been coming down the road for decades, and each administration has avoided it like the plague. Anyone who has driven Arizona's roads recently knows that, as do tire and alignment shops. consider submitting a letter to the editor. If you are a new subscriber and started your subscription with a promotional rate, your subscription rate does increase after the promotional period has ended. 30 Apr 2023 15:54:34 . YOUR VOICE COUNTS E-MAIL MAIL- Letters to me Editor The Arizona Republic P.O. Note that we will likely ask to verify your background and relevant personal information described in the piece. According to Tucson Waters theory, I should have to pay more for electricity because Im further from the generation point. Sometimes there are unexpected delays due to production problems or adverse weather conditions. Richard Govern, retired high school science teacher, Re: the Jan. 19 article Panel OKs bill to restrict student pronouns in schools.. Arizona Republic published this letter from Nancy in Phoenix, AZ #LettersToTheEditor. Subscribe to stay connected to Tucson. The recent case in Texas, where a federal judge ruled that the Food and Drug Administration should not have approved the abortion drug Mifepristone, is just another one of many attacks on reproductive rights. are using. The city now wants everyone to conserve water, while they issue home-building permits by the thousands to developers. While reading repeatedly that the Republican Party is worried that ending abortion rights might cost them an election, that is the exact result that should occur in a democracy. A small donation small or midsize nonprofit is significant and appreciated, and a larger donation can be transformational. Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan, left, a Florida-based consultancy, and former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett talk about . Man, he really has influence. When your guy knows he screwed up, he also knows all the right ways to make it up to you. Tom Horne has dissolved the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office within the Arizona Department of Education. If what I read is correct, these goons can visit Republicans who voted against Donald Trump to ask them if that was really their vote. Learn more about The Arizona Republic's editorial board(and how to contact us). We were simply told that pickleball courts are com. Our EZ Pay automatic payment program offers the convenience and security of renewing your subscription by automatic deductions from a credit card. A day later the Shell station in SaddleBrooke bumped the price .50 per gallon. Steller wrote, Trumpism is the buffelgrass of Arizona politics, taking over the landscape even after its been rooted out or burned away. That is wishful thinking. AZ Only original material sent exclusively to the Arizona Daily Star will be considered for publishing. Copyright 2011-2023 Hubbiz We suggest you write, edit and save a copy of your letter before copying it into the form. An Arizona man has been sentenced to death for the second time in the 2010 murder of his prison cellmate, who was castrated and had . Letter to the Editor: NAZCCA says carbon neutrality plan should set bar high, Letter to the Editor: Holding NAH responsible for future generations health, Letter to the Editor: Concern over state falling short in key rankings, Letter to the Editor: Urgency requesting in solving gun regulation issues, Letter to the Editor: Handling of new hospital will say a lot of city council, Letter to the Editor: Tennies for Tots looking to help children in Flagstaff, Letter to the Editor: Fifty winters ago, a real fish story, Letter to the Editor: 'These mass shootings are not an acceptable way of life', Letter to the Editor: Supervisor wants to see more focus on groundwater management, Letter to the Editor: Teaching assistant says its time to increase wages, Letter to the Editor: NAH should renew its contract with NAPA, Letter to the Editor: Republicans, money argued not to make good people necessarily, Letter to the Editor: Local seeks answers in Trump charges, Letter to the Editor: City, county urged to stay sharp moving into greener future, Letter to the Editor: Rick Miller 'a community treasure', Letter to the Editor: A reminder to take care of 'the only home we've every known', Letter to the Editor: Some reasons to address unaffordable housing more adamantly, Coconino Voices: Friends of Flagstaff's Future wants more answers on NAH's new campus, Arizona Voices: Sinema puts support behind NAH's plan for new campus, Triller attracts TikTok creators seeking new home amid possible ban and experiences massive growth, The state of the labor market and whats next, Letter to the Editor: Fossil Free Arizona ready to provide education on 'financed emissions', Letter to the Editor: A call on Crane to change his mind over slashing benefits, Letter to the Editor: Blame placed on Republicans for condition of I-17, ADOT, Letter to the Editor: Regulations proposed to avoid catastrophe from train accidents. President Joe Biden, right, shakes hands with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during the Quad leaders summit meeting at Kantei Palace . Javascript is required to successfuly submit this form. No westward expansion of the zoo! In response to a potential ban on TikTok, Triller has introduced a one-step portal, Thats why we have school boards. According to the U.S. Census Bureau Arizona's actual instruction , Gun violence continues to make the news on a daily basis. A perspective. Re: the April 26 article More action, less talk, distinguish President Bidens 100-day sprint.. We are not even safe in our own neighborhoods. Find editorial staff email addresses, social media pages and more. Here is the policy that Editorial Board editors use in selecting letters to the editor for publication in The Arizona Republic: Letters must be no longer than 200 words. We understand . Smaller charities account for 99 percent of nonprofits in Arizona and serve a very important purpose in helping those in need. Local Opinion: Why you should vote no on Proposition 412. Then he ordered the removal of many books from school libraries, books that he personally found offensive. Learn about Bitcoin ATMs and how effective their security is. Biden has created chaos at the border with 172,000 migrants apprehended in March, maybe more in April. Try this one on for size. Our general guideline is to not publish in print the same writer more than once a month, Members have interesting perspectives and well-developed writing skills. Editorial board. If the city and council would not put the zoo eyesore in their front yard, they should not put the zoo in the middle of our beautiful park. Legislators, if you want to show your support for Arizonas students, lift the spending cap on education and vote to fund our schools and pay our teachers at a level commensurate with their importance! Katie Hobbs vetoes gun-related school bills, RAW: FILE: SC: SEN TIM SCOTT TEASES MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT, What can sports teach us about politics? Complete the required steps. Phoenix police need more support. Submit a letter. Unless we are deadly serious about stopping gun violence, it wont stop. She has only been in office some three months. Re: the April 25 article Ariz. Here are 10 great gift ideas that are sure to please everyone on your list. They are the neighbors with dilapidated fences, torn and worn fabric, unsuccessfully hiding clutter and unsightly spaces and barbed wire ruining the peaceful aesthetic of Reid Park. Of course, no two circumstances are exactly alike, and therefore must always be examined with that in mind. And it's fixable, Don't make us endure another Trump-Biden election, Arizona nixed Saudi well permits. It is, in fact, Gannett policy. Examples: A woman who served prison time used her experience to explain whats wrong with Arizonas prison system and what, from her perspective, needs to change. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 160 words. Most of those perpetrating gun violence are men 18-25. Reach him at Tom Horne is wielding his new power. National Columnists. For a moment, though, we should perhaps give some consideration to culture and climate. That may be winning for him, but will only result in tainted, Pyrrhic victories, not reflecting truth. Letter to the Editor: Will erosion of reproduction rights continue? Seemed like going to classes back then, it snowed just about every other day. In many of. Senator Karen Fann wanted me to have confidence in the Arizona election system. Writing as both a retired teacher and a member of the LGBTQ community, I find this proposed bill appalling. We cant publish every letter. Tucson's west-side resort, Starr Pass, sold for $110 million, Cocktails on a train car and boutique bowling coming to Tucson, Pac-12 mailbag: Is an Arizona departure worst-case scenario for Pac-12? When vaccines were available, we did not hesitate to receive them; you were not allowed to debate the issue. I attended the recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on March 22 when Northern Arizona Healthcare representatives provided a presentation related to the relocation of the current hospital facility to land owned by NAH on Purple Sage Road. Some may recall when Mr. Horne canceled the Mexican American Studies program at Tucson High School a program that kept Tucsons Mexican-American students in school and carried them through to graduation from high school. Content by Ascend. The 18-year-old's parents, who have lived in Arizona for decades, are undocumented and getting behind t Read more Advocates rally to allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses +3 Arizona inmate sentenced to death again in cellmate's murder. Become a subscriber, manage account information, change payment or delivery details. Check out th. I find it sad that some would choose to demean Bill Walton. The Opinions page is home to commentary on the latest national and Arizona news, including politics, immigration and education, from The Arizona Republic's editorial board and . 2023 All submissions become the property of the Arizona Daily Star. Eleven firemen died and over 100 . Tucson's west-side resort, Starr Pass, sold for $110 million, Cocktails on a train car and boutique bowling coming to Tucson, Pac-12 mailbag: Is an Arizona departure worst-case scenario for Pac-12? But, generally, were looking for opinionsthat are: Well researched. Doug Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ gave up and said they cannot control the spread of the virus. The only alternative is surgical abortion, which is invasive, adds risk, and is unavailable to many women. We appreciate your contribution. As a veteran who served there for a . P.O. Subscribe to stay connected to Tucson. Elvia Daz iseditorial page editor. Letter to the Editor: Republicans viewed in same light as authoritarians, Letter to the Editor: Hospital move seen as 'local version of socialism', Letter to the Editor: Some clarification on the hospital capacity argument. Use the form below to submit your thoughts. | Twitter. Get opinion pieces, letters and editorials sent directly to your inbox weekly! Will it be the Arizona House, State Supreme Court, or federal government? appreciation). Im afraid Tim Steller has fallen into the familiar trap of blaming pedestrians for their own deaths. Letters to the Editor for April 29 Letter: Arizona Gasoline Prices I just contacted the AZ Attorney General's Office regarding the outrageous price of gasoline in Tucson. Dear Editorial Staff: While we always appreciate stories about Arizona nonprofits and the ever growing need for donations, we were disappointed to see that Russ Wiles' story which ran Sunday, Dec. 4 and included information on charity rankings was . This is not the business of the church or the government. In Coconino County, and in Flagstaff, we have no groundwater management laws, and therefore we have no ability to manage, or protect our water,. Phoenix, AZ 85001. Content by Gr0. Let's have fully vaccinated employees, please. Household items are a great way to help increase your productivity in 2023. All this is on top of the $86 million already being spent to house migrants in hotels along the border. The current military members have an obligation to protect all U.S. citizens; getting a COVID-19 vaccine is not something to be hesitant about. The evidence was overwhelming and the explanation of the charges to the jury was very clear. About ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Arizona Republic - Editorial Department - Letters To The Editor in Central City - PHOENIX, AZ - Maricopa County is a business listed in the categories Newspaper Manufacturers, Newspapers: Publishing, Or Publishing And Printing and Newspaper Publishers. Letters to the Editor. We cant publish every piece we receive. Aug 6, 2021 Updated Aug 6, 2021. Letter to the Editor: A suggestion on how democracy works, Letter to the Editor: City council urged to work hard on hospital proposal, Letter to the Editor: Many questions still remain as NAH proposal navigates process, Letter to the Editor: Outside the lines, not everyone in favor of pickleball courts expansion. Submit opinions toAbe Kwokat akwok@azcentral.comor call him at 602-444-8607. . Mary Ellen Carlin had a plane. Mission accomplished for me. Biden, through his announced green policies, wants to basically force people out of their gasoline operated vehicles into more expensive and limited driving distances electric ones. Ive been watching Flagstaff change during the last 20 years -- in part because the world around us is changing. Access the eNewspaper at. These mass shootings are not an acceptable way of life. However, when there is no postal delivery, such as federally recognized holidays, your newspaper will be delivered the next day there is postal delivery available. Get all vaccines needed to keep you healthy and able to perform your assigned duties. If you have one of these VHS tapes, it could be worth nearly $10,000. OUR VIEW: It's great to be back doing what we love, OUR VIEW: A clean break is needed, not timid hedging that hopes hell go away on his own, OUR VIEW: Democracy shines while Trump and transparency tumble, Justice Clarence Thomas' example shows need for better standards. Also, don't forget to mention Hubbiz to ARIZONA REPUBLIC. That starts with you, Want to share your opinion with us? I was in the U.S. Army for 22 years, starting in 1970 and retiring in 1992. In these instances, we have partnered with the local United States Postal Service. Trumpism ascendant again.. One obvious point I would make is that freedom of speech and gun, possession and use is only contingent on the individual's responsibility for any related activity that causes a problem. Steller of course did not criticize the tens of thousands of migrants flooding here during a pandemic, or how children have been endangered, or of Bidens role in causing it. Here's how, Homelessness is your problem, no matter what it's called, State law blocked my child from playing sports, There's a reason we're all so lonely. Secondly, no sales should be made to anyone under the age of 25. Deborah Bernini, Judge, Arizona Superior Court. Get it up front. Tom Horne, then Republican candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, responds to a question during a debate at The Arizona Republic on Sept. 28 . And nobody does the color better than Walton. Box 1950. Neither can we promise publication before reading what youve written. By the way, if the Cyber Ninjas come up with different results from the state certified results who is going to perform the next audit? Open weekends Nov. 20 thru Dec. 19 and Nov . Additionally, as non-profits we must work very hard to earn the prestigious 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Are we recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best people? To access other newspapers in cities across the country, once inside your eNewspaper, simply click on the icon titled Universal on the right-side navigation bar. Our hospital corporation wishes to build in a new location, and local taxpayers will pay the price for road improvements, bus services and massive new demands on our fire department to the tune of tens of. Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan, left, a Florida-based consultancy, and former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett talk about overseeing a 2020 election ballot audit during a news conference in April. Letters are limited to 250 words. If you are a seasoned subscriber and your rate has increased, we sent you notification about this change, but should you have questions about it, please contact Customer Service (phone number and service hours are below). Its another to share it in an engaging manner. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. We publish only a few each week. Last month some of the oil producing countries said they would cut back production. The tent facilities are supposed to be air-conditioned with showers, etc. We publish a handful each week. Main Switchboard: (812) 372-7811. Are your leaders not leading you? Check out the best The Arizona Republic subscription offerings at. This diverse but smaller group regularly contributesopinion pieces. Premium Editions are published to provide additional information and value. With recruitment being a paramount concern in major cities throughout the country, we have some obvious cause-and-effect scenarios taking place contemporaneously. Use facts and cite them in your piece. Arizona has allies in the push to protect free speech. To keep it that way, we need to protect water resources, Local Opinion: MAPA, or Making America Pure Again, Local Opinion: Vote no on Prop. Water is turned off at Midnight, Pools are emptied, Housing values are at a all time low, people are leaving their homes at a all time High!! Enough. Where did this dinosaur come from? And wed prefer pieces that address issues in Arizona, or that explain how issues elsewhere impact our home. A subscription helps you access more of the local stories that keep you connected to the community. If you wish to relay a message you do not want published to an individual or department, please do so directly. Include relevant links to these facts, if possible. Biden says America is systemically racist, including police departments, without providing empirical evidence. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. I consider him by far the best commentator in basketball. Well written. Facts must be annotated by links shared in the "Notes" field. Instead, millions are being spent on people violating our immigration laws and abusing our asylum system. Based on your location, delivery of your newspaper may come through the U.S Postal Service and arrive at the same time as your postal service. Th. All over the world? Maybe Pima County Wastewater should increase the rates of city customers to make up the difference. (The charges are still sealed, for wh. We werent asked for input or given the opportunity to voice our opinions. The murder trial against Kevin Jokumsen, a 56-year-old man charged with killing his wife, has started in Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona. PHOENIX, Plus expansion candidates and more, Tucson restaurant lands No. Tip of the WeekOnce you decide its time to buy new tires, theres lots of information out there about how to choose the perfect tires for. You can easily find the terms and conditions for your subscription by visiting. Likewise, when managing a pandemic you want as . Another facility costing $33.8 million is to be built in Yuma.