As part of her powers, an insectoid exoskeleton covers most of her body with a bug-like bluish skin. Recently, Araa learned that she is not a true Hunter. Anya Corazon (Aa Corazon) is one of the protagonists of Marvel's Spider-Man. [10], In the one-shot Spider-Man/Araa: the Hunter Revealed, she discovers that her exoskeleton is not an ability from being a Hunter, and she has in fact never been a true Hunter. Before taking on the Spider-Girl moniker, Anya went by the name Arana. After Miguel is killed saving Nina from the Wasps' hunter, Nina is Webcorps' chosen champion, and Anya is free to pursue a new fate. Peter ends up blinded by a shotgun he was attempting to use on her. She learns she had released "the Spirit of the Hunter" and warned not to do it again without Miguel with her. Anya and Gwen are the only two characters of the main cast to change outfits each season. As a minority, she has become feisty and vulgar, a defense mechanism of sorts that has evolved over the years. for better or worse. However, Anya grew to like Peter overtime while Jaffrey was trying to ruin his career, even working with villains to achieve the goal. Anya Corazon, the new Spider-Girl, is an awesome addition to Marvel comics. Spider-Girl (Corazn) last edited by In the, Due to Anya and Gwen's strong friendship on the show, fans have created a ship (a pairing, usually romantic, between to fictional characters) called. Many fans have also compared Anya's character in the show to a character from the Marvel Comics, Sajani Jaffrey. Jade has mental powers that allow him to hypnotize people. Anya soon meets Amun who has enrolled at her school under the name Jon Kasiya. After the battle Spider-Man, along with Arachne and Anya, spoke over Kaine's tomb as Arachne took on her new responsibilities and gave her Spider-Woman costume to Anya. Step-MotherMaria Corazon (step-sister)[1]Angela Corazon (step-sister)[2], "You're not seriously side-lining me, are you, Parker? During the aftermath of Goblin War Anya admitted that she didn't think a man like Otto could change, but she was proven wrong after he sacrificed himself to defeat Adrian Toomes. In San Fransisco, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) called Anya, in need of her help with taking down an evil organization. I'm your girl. In The Us, Anya started to lived a normal life being a huge fan of superheroes, especially Spider-Man, with whom she has a crush on. Anya Corazon (also known as Spider-Girl) is a student from Horizon High along with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales and Peter Parker. While Anya isn't comfortable about the destruction of Caesar's Palace she remains true to her friends and looks to Spider-UK for their next move as a team. After the experience, Julia (who received Madame Web's powers) decides to give the old Spider-Girl costume to Anya, despite the fact that Anya has no powers. In the show, it is the same outfit as in the comic books, but her designs on merchandise invert the colors. Luckily aid arrives in the form of Spider-Gwen and a depowered Peter Parker and they're able to prevail though when the dust settles Caesar's Palace is destroyed. Anya (Aa) Sofia Corazon Spider-Girl 5 durability 1 energy 4 fighting skills 2 intelligence 3 speed 4 strength Biography Araa is a teenage girl from Brooklyn whose father is an investigative reporter. Source Maria Corazon is the step-sister of Anya Corazon and was initially believed to be the Villain Tarantula until it was revealed that Chameleon impersonated her at the request of Norman Osborn. Arachne, with Madame Web's powers, intervened and helped Spider-Man make the right call by showing him a future vision of what would happen if he really did kill Kraven. Spider-GirlMy father once told me there's no way to get a good story, to do a good job, without embedding yourself in the dirt. Anya is a tomboyish girl obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). She is later captured by Chilean soldiers who deliver her to the Puppet Master; she is added to a collection of female heroes that includes Stature, Dusk, Tigra, and Silverclaw. She appreciated Spider-Man for saving her life twice, defending him from Harry's accusations, and even repaid the favor once becoming Spider-Girl. The 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. After a few hours she was attacked by wolves, and had a vision of her mother. On one fateful night, she went to a bridge to fight a boy from her school. Araa transferred her power to Nina Smith, another Spider Society member, after the death of Miguel. Spider-Girl's Venomized formed in the show is actually based on the second design for her promotional artwork by Patrick Brown. More Content From The Marvel Life:My Other Channels: @The Star Wars Life @The DC Life @The Movie LifeInstagram: [36] Spider-Girl, Hobgoblin, the Kingpin, and the Hand fight against the Society of Wasps until Spider-Girl realizes what Madame Web really meant by teaming up with her enemy. She replies, "No, my conscience feels fine," and lets go of the rope. Anya wears her white and black costume in, The spider-symbol on Anya's original costume is shaped like a skull near the bottom. [5] She moved to Mexico when she was very young, but she returned with her father to the United States after her mother was killed. Subscribe to Marvel Unlimited to read Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) comic lists by Marvel experts! We got to chat with . Soon, they discover she is on a killing spree, killing A.I.M. There, she was hypnotized and was ordered to kill Ms. Marvel, Anya resisted the mind control long enough to be restrained by Machine Man and Sleepwalker. Araa features in an arc of Robert Kirkman's Marvel Team-Up vol. Back at WebCorps, Miguel is revived upon being reunited with Anya, and Miguel tells her the organization's history that would eventually split into Wasps and Spiders. This May, Miles Morales swings into his darkest battle yet in CARNAGE REIGNS! She can speak in Spanish (her mother language) and English. When they first met, Anya was upset with Peter for ruining the project she had worked on for Horizon's presentation at Midtown High. Araa takes over as the head Spider while Peter is left permanently blinded and distant from Mary Jane. Araa and Miguel shared several adventures together as the Mage-Hunter team for the Spider Society, preventing the Wasps from summoning their chosen warrior. In season 3 Anya wears a sweater with a white polo shirt and necktie underneath it. She is a classmate and friend of Peter Parker at Horizon High, best friends with Gwen Stacy, friends with Miles Morales,and former student of Doctor Otto Octavius. In the middle of the battle Madame Web teleports herself to get Araa to confront and defeat Peter. Later Madame Web appears in her room in the middle of the night asking Anya to be Spider-Girl. All-New Spider-Man: No Way Home POP!s from Funko! She was killed by an explosion when the League was trying to find the time machine used by Chronok. She is super smart, intellectual and a bit of a know-it-all. Anya takes her studies real seriously. [9], The Sisterhood of the Wasp recruits Jaime Jade, a Mexican crime lord who has mental abilities that allows to hypnotize other people and was involved in the death of her mother Sofia Corazon. She is referred to as Spider-Girl, much to her chagrin. View the profiles of people named Anya Corazon. She is witty sarcastic and tomboyish young woman who is one of Peter Parker's closest friends at Horizon High School. For those who aren't familiar with this character, Anya Corazon basically has the same powers as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (Earth-65). Aa (anglicized as "Anya") Corazn was a teenage gymnast [4] from Brooklyn whose father, Gilberto, was an investigative reporter. When she got there, a fight between the Sisterhood of the Wasps and the Spider Society left her fatally injured. Anya appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. This is Anya Corazon's first animated appearance. Anya's mother died while she was still a child while her father died during the rampage of a mind-controlled Red Hulk. In actuality, it was laptop and Anya saw through Chameleon's ruse. She's also bilingual. List of People who knows Spider-Man's Secret identity, List of People who know Spider-Team's Secret identity's, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Marvel's Spider-Man (2017) Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Miguel stops Anya from going after Jade with the promise that Anya can punish him afterwards. She is also extremely intelligent. Student at Horizon HighSuperheroine In the show's second season, she regains these powers and uses them to become Spider-Girl during the "Bring on the Bad Guys" arc. A strange neighbor also kept assuring Anya that she was welcome to come over any time she wanted or needed to. She appears to be much smarter than she actually is, and while this is probably true to an extent, this is likely artificially inflated because she can read other people's minds, a fact that nobody aside from her is aware of. She later tricked Spider-Girl into switching bodies, leaving Spider-Girl stuck in Araa's body, and Araa in Spider-Girl's body. The women were to be sacrificed in a ritual to revive Kraven the Hunter. While the origin of her powers originates with Spider-Island in the show, it was how her powers were restored in the comic books. As the gang war concludes, Black Tarantula agrees to give up his title as the current Kingpin of Crime and decides to marry Anya.[54]. When they found her, Anya attempted to reach out to Gwen and tried to get her to remember that she is her best friend. [4] With the change of moniker to Spider-Girl, she's the second published character to adopt the "Spider-Girl" alter-ego, but she actually comes prior to the first character in the chronology of the Marvel Universe. Despite their help, Anya is knocked out by Ana Kravinoff, Alyosha Kravinoff, and Vladimir Kravinoff. Bio: Anya Sofa Corazon is a 17 year old superheroine who originally went by the name Araa and had a symbiotic exoskeleton, which emanated from her spider-shaped tattoo. Although information Araa obtained from her father turned out to be a trap, the pair nonetheless bonded, and shared secret identities. Still, she accepted him as a friend and they had a great relationship. After the events of the Grim Hunt, Anya was given the costume of the former Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter. Anya made her first comic appearance in Amazing Fantasy #1 in August of 2004. Susan also told Anya that she and Reed would financially support her, so she would still be able to continue to live in the apartment and go to school. Miguel, the Spider Society's sorcerer, was forced to transfer some of his power to her to save her life, and after the transfer she received a spider-shaped tattoo which gave her enhanced strength and agility. While interrogating a spy for the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Anya and Miguel discover that the Sisterhood has recruited a fifteen year old boy that was code-named Amun, a descendant of Egyptian assassins who believes he is skilled enough that he doesn't need to conceal his identity. She then lost those powers and instead gained new powers similar to that of Spider-Man. She shares this trait with Gwen. Following Secret Wars, the team is back to their original mission statement of helping Universes in need of Spiders. However, behind these walls, she is a kind and caring person to stranger and friend alike. She is obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). Anya possesses the proportionate powers and abilities of a spider, given to her after treating herself with an experimental cure to the Spider-Island Virus. Jade hypnotizes Anya into fighting Miguel, but she eventually breaks out of his control and knocks him out. The Sisterhood was unsuccessful, but Miguel did not survive the battle despite Spider-Man's help. This is also seen in Bring on the Bad Guys Part Two when the two were collaborating on their open house project together. Near the end of the first season, she is one of the many New Yorkers who gains spider-powers due to being exposed to the Jackal's chemicals during the multi-episode "Spider-Island" story arc. She is a gifted student who works closely with Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales. As Spider-Girl she where's a black spandex costume with a white spider symbol connecting from the shoulder down. After gaining powers from the Spider-Island virus, Anya gained the ability to shoot her own webbing from spinneret glands on her wrist. [35] The Kingpin tells Spider-Girl of locating the Central Wasp Nest. [50], In the MC2 continuity, an adult version of Anya Corazon as Araa, still accompanied by Miguel (sometimes being referred to as Michael), tests Spider-Girl, then covers for her, posing as a fake seer to throw the Hobgoblin off track when he tries to find her weaknesses. Anya currently goes by the name of Spider-Girl. Gwen was also the only person to know that Anya kept her powers from Spider-Island due to testing a prototype cure on herself. Whether this is, or was, a proposed redesign is unknown. Miguel (the sorcerer of the Spider Society) transferred some of his power to her, saving her life, but also transforming her into the Hunter of the Spider Society, for whom he had been looking for. It wouldn't be until Generations that their would mention of her parents (and family) at all. [5][47][48] The Jackal copies Spider-Man's powers into the entire non-superhuman population of New York, including Anya. Facebook gives people the power to. Seeing her lost in thought Spider-Ham takes her to a buffet where he reveals "Caesar's Palace" to her. Spider-Man (TV Series 2017-2020) Melanie Minichino as Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl, Anya Avatar, Chaperone, Female Clerk, Female Wake Rider, Helicopter Pilot #2, Lady, Old Woman, Professional Woman, Student #1, Student #2, Zoo Attendant The only toyline for the show to feature her black and white costume are the minimate figures. Curious she goes to learn more about Caesar's Palace and than brings the rest of the team over to see it as well. Anya invented spider-like grappling hooks, which she uses to swing from buildings and as whip-like weapons, though she has found these to be harder to use since losing her abilities. Anya and Amun develop a loose truce because Amun has lost his father as well, so he checks into Jade's possible involvement in Sofia's death. Spider-Girl decided to join him in order to make use of her knowledge of the totems. In season 2 she wears a pink polo shirt in all of her appearances except for How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation and Between an Ock and a Hard Place. She tests Spider-Girl and then covers for her by posing as a seer to lead Hobgoblin off track when he tried to find out her weakness. This was fueled by the two of them not speaking to Peter anymore after the events of the Superior Spider-Man Saga and accusing him of being a member of the Goblin Nation in Goblin War: Part One. Carpenter). She is obsessed with science and gives Peter a lot of flak (for being late). Personality Maria cares a lot about her sisters, Anya and Angela, having been an influence to the former and greatly inspired by the latter. Noting her father Gil Corazon is filming the fight, Anya takes Gil to safety. After their visit, Anya and her dad returned home, thinking their move to New York City was the beginning of something new and great. Arana was created by Fiona Avery and Mark Brooks, and first appeared (as Araa) in Amazing Fantasy #1 (2004). The character was created by Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, writer Fiona Avery, and artist Mark Brooks,[1] and made her first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #1 (August 2004) under the pseudonym Araa and later in Young Allies #5 (October 2010) with the codename Spider-Girl.